When I’m not flying up and down forest trails on my bike, I’ll be tootling along at snail speed on road trips in OJO, my old Commer camper van , hoping to pass old VWs broken down on the side of the road – unless we do first.OJO - 1969 Commer Camper Van

…Or I’ll be ferreting through boxes in markets and car boots looking for something to catch my eye. I’ve always been fascinated by desirable objects that invoke a sense of nostalgia and the simple pleasure of good design.

My creative practice brings together inspiration from these elements in the range of enamelware I’m currently producing with the Commer and VW motifs, gathered from old unloved toy cars – with the potential of expanding the range with items that address a real utility.

OJO's Travels EnamelwareThere’s a whole sensory element to drinking out of an enamel mug or beaker that I like – hot or cold – and the sound of cutlery on enamel plates – that can’t be reproduced with paper or plastic plates. And their usefulness encourages us to look to the longevity of them and how they will gain more character with time and use.

It’s about nostalgia and finding a new place for forgotten old things. And playing with popular motifs: This range embodies a voice for Commers in a market saturated by images of the VW split screen.


Lyndon James Davies is a Ceramicist and Enamelware Designer, based in Carmarthen, South Wales