Claire Curneen at the Mission Gallery in Swansea

This weekend went to see Claire Curneen’s exhibition ‘To This I Put My Name’ at the Mission Gallery in Swansea’s maritime quarter.

Actually the original intention was how to entertain and feed my visiting parents when the weather was behaving so badly. So on a rainy and blustery day, we took them into Swansea to look at some art, steal some views at the Grape and Olive and steal some ideas from the gallery shop.

Claire Curneen’s work is both creepy and beautiful. The works are like ancient icons – not exactly religious iconography, but definitely something ancient; something stirring, visceral and dark, both pure and sullied at the same time with the porcelain material and mutilated forms.

It was a really well conceived show, nicely coherent body of work for once – and the objects themselves were individually very beautiful and sublimely spooky.

The afternoon ended with us (innocently) paying for someone else’s (cheaper) food bill – big fat bonus end to a lovely day out with the folks!

Here’s a link to the Mission Gallery website’s info on Claire Curneen’s exhibition ‘To This I Put My Name’.

The exhibition runs from 18 January – 16 March 2014

There is also an accompanying transcript of the ceramics workshop available to download.