Colouring Books for Adults: Millie Marotta

Blatant promotion here for colouring books for adults on behalf of the wife (who is not in any way pretending not to be writing this right now).

At Christmas my wife happened to mention that she wanted a colouring book as she fancied it would be quite ‘zen’. My brother-in-law told her that in France colouring books for grown ups had out sold cookery books. We hadn’t realised it was fast becoming a ‘thing’.

Stress Relief

They are being hailed as the ‘new yoga’ – a great stress reliever, and those familiar with Mindfulness may have their interest piqued.

Having done a little research online, my wife found this lovely book by Millie Marotta, an illustrator who lives in West Wales. You may know her work already – it’s ubiquitous on Marks and Spencer packaging.

Have a look at examples on her website: Millie Marotta

Get a copy

You can get her Animal Kingdom colouring book from Amazon for £3.99 at present – bargain. You can also get her book in the Golden Sheaf in Narbeth.

Millie Marotta Animal Kingdom colouring book for adults