Sculpture Cymru exhibition ‘Journey’ at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth

We found ourselves with a surprise day to ourselves on Saturday so we decided to take a road-trip to Borth to see the Bronze Age forest that was recently revealed by shifting sands on the beach.

Plus it was a good walk and a treat for the decrepit Furey.

Unsurprisingly it started to rain. Hard. We took that as a sign to get going. On a whim we decided to grab a snack at the Arts Centre in Aber (still soaking) and browse the gift shop. My wife bought me bicycle shaped paper clips.

I will get the the point soon.

After having been punched in the face with a £17 bill for two bottles of pop and a teeny tiny plate of food we were surprised in a good way to see some buddies there.

Turns out we’d fortuitously found ourselves in Aber on the day of an exhibition opening night. Damn, and we’d just paid for food.*

Down we went to the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth with delightful Andy Griffiths and the fragrant Lee Odishow for Sculpture Cymru’s exhibition ‘Journey’.

*My wife may or may not have commandered herself a daffodil from the restaurant somehow.

Well it was St David’s Day.